Friday, September 25, 2009

Reno Back to Florida in a Lambada

Bob and I shared some airtime as he grew familiar with the Samba. There was generally a lot of wind, but the last day dawned clear and calm, perfect for polishing landings at Minden.

During the windy days, lenticulars were evident everyday. John Dunham and I have taken a Lambada from 9000msl to 15000msl in the Tahoe Wave (engine off, of course).

This is Steve Lance's primo hangar, my home away from home while in Carson City. The apartment is in the loft above his beautiful Tahoe Special.

Many of the hangars in Carson are stuffed with toys!

Then it was time to fly home to Florida in Lambada N109UA. Bob flew with me as I departed, and we had a little photo session.

After Bob bid me farewell, he wanged it back to Carson, leaving me to negotiate the desert, mountains, and fantastic terrain of Nevada.

Looking past Pilot Peak towards Boundary Peak, the northern mountain of the Owens Valley.

Passing Durango Colorado, this marvelous sight greeted me.

Another shining Lambada wing against the clouds photo.

I landed in Jonesboro, LA to stretch my legs, and revisit my home airport where I soloed in a Cessna 150 40 years ago.
Then it was on to Panama City Florida to spend the night with my parents, before making the final 3 hour leg to Melbourne.
Another fantastic distance flight in the Lambada. Now for some soaring!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Samba flight to Reno

OK, you are probably wondering about a post of an airplane on a motorglider blogsite. (Actually some folks call the Samba a motorglider). And how about that Phoenix flight report? There are connections here. We are delivering the new Samba to Carson City, just south of Reno, and then picking up a Lambada to bring "home to the nest" in Melbourne, Florida. You can see Bob Johnson above, standing next to his new plane after the ferry flight across the country.

Urban Air Samba XXL and Lambada share the sky over Florida.

Approaching Moab, Utah for a stop at the Canyonlands airport for fuel. Last stop was Liberal, Kansas.

The Samba performed flawlessly across the country. Typical economy cruise settings yielded 110kts. The Samba is as fast as the LSA regs allow!
After some flying with Bob in the Carson/Minden area, it was time to head back to Florida in the Lambada.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Phoenix Motorglider Photos

This side profile shows the outstanding fuselage aerodynamics. Click on any photo to enlarge. View from seated position only as ensuing encreased pulse rate may cause light-headedness!

Josef Bostik holds the wing extension. Note that it is twice the length of the Lambada extension. The Phoenix will fit easily into any hangar without the extensions in place.

It takes about 30 seconds to secure the wingtip in place.

Forward view of cockpit and panel.

Rear view of cockpit. Note the plush interior, and the center controls. There are individual levers for flaps, spoilers, and trim.
Our next posting will feature a flight report- stay tuned!