Thursday, January 15, 2009

Distance Correction

Blog follower, and Lambada owner, R.J. wrote to tell me my distance and flight time didn't make sense unless the flight involved a large detour. After checking, he was right. This leg distance was 223nm, and the flight time was 2.3 hours. Average speed was 97kts. The winds were 15-20kts, crossing from the northwest.
Thanks for straightening this out, R.J.!
Here are some more pics:

Life jacket co-pilot

Approaching Key West

Okeechobee canal in Florida from the Atlantic to the Gulf. Boats must have a mast height less than 55 feet to transit this canal.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Costa Rica Trip - Leg 1 - Melbourne to Key West

Key West

Lambada ready to be loaded with gear
Jim is back in Melbourne after a perfect trip to San Jose, Costa Rica. The plane flew without a problem. The weather could not have been better. The sights were fantastic. The Sky Connect Mini-Tracker worked great, and allowed people to follow the track in real time.
Leg one from Melbourne to Key West involved a straight line flight, crossing 80 miles of the Gulf of Mexico.
Total miles: 450nm. Total flight time: 4.5 hours. Average speed: 100kts
More photos and reports will follow as time allows.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leave Tomorrow for Costa Rica in N26UA

Big trip for tomorrow! Flying a customer's (David) plane to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Melbourne (MLB) to Key West (EYW) Jan 8 250nm
Key West (EYW) to Cozumel (CZM) via G765 Jan 9 430nm
Cozumel to Roatan (RTB) via G521 to Kirap then R899 Jan 10 345nm
Roatan to La Ceiba (MHLC) via R645 Jan 11
La Ceiba to Toncontin (MHTG) via A754 Jan 11
Toncontin to Managua (MNMG) via A502 Jan 11
Managua to Juan SantaMaria (MROC) Jan 11 RTB-MROC=550nm- nonstop 1575nm total Go Rotax!
Fly home Jan 12 on the boring airlines.
A friend has loaned me an Iridium tracker which tracks the flight in real time. To go to the site and see where we are go to:

I'll file a report here with photos when I return on Jan 12.