Monday, March 23, 2009

Steve Silverman picks up his new plane.

Steve's company makes the Sky Tracker which Jim flew with across the Gulf of Mexico. Steve is an accomplished glider pilot, and also owns a TBM.

Steve prepares to leave Melbourne for his quick flight home to Baltimore.

Leaving just after dawn.

Happy soaring Steve!

Valkaria, FL Airshow, Feb 21

Rachel talks about the Lambada to a rapt audience.

Our Lambada and Evektor SportStar parked in the grass.

Barry (on the far side of the plane) talks to customers.

Airshow performer over the Lambada. After the show Rachel and Jim headed to Sebastian Airport for some landings. Rachel did another unassisted landing! She has about 12 hours logged.

Lambada delivery to New Jersey on Feb 6

Leaving Melbourne behind soon after sunrise.

St. Augustine

The Lambada cruises right along!

Crossing the Delaware. Not a big deal after the Gulf crossing, but still a lot of water down there!

Sky Manor airport, new home for a new Lambada. Have fun Peter!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bostik Industies adds Evektor SportStar to Lineup

Josef Bostik of Bostik Industries has added the Evektor SportStar to our line of aircraft. We are very excited to offer the best trainer in the LSA market. The SportStar SL Max IFR is a fully ifr capable sport aircraft which is going to revolutionize the flight school environment.

SportStars, Lambadas, and Samba aircraft fill our hangar. Good thing we are sending several aircraft off with their new owners so there will be room for new arriving aircraft.

New SportStar owner Paul Hissey on the left, joins the Bostik Industries team. Left to right, Paul Hissey, Barry Pruitt, Jim Lee, Josef Bostik, Georgia Bostik, and John Sepulveda.

Paul's new plane sits in front of our hangar, prior to departure for LA.