Friday, February 20, 2009

Jupiter's Smile

Cruising friends Barb and Jay Matheson on their 37' Island Packet, Jupiter's Smile, needed a new battery charger before they could leave Roatan, and head south. Since Roatan was sort of on the way, I offered to bring it down to them, which they readily accepted. Then other friends wanted parts too, and we just managed to get it all into the Lambada. So after landing and clearing into Honduras, we took a taxi to their boat. Jay and I snorkled for an hour on a fantastic reef right off the back of their boat. We didn't even need the dinghy.

Barb (left) and friend relax in the cockpit of Jupiter's Smile.
Jay (foreground) and Bryan look over the new boat parts.

Perfect anchorage at West End, Roatan

After snorkeling and beers, we headed to "town" for dinner. It was a perfect moonlit night, and we could see the bottom 10' under the dinghy. We stopped at Bryan's boat for afterdinner drinks, then back to Jupiter's Smile. I slept like soundly on the gently rocking boat.

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