Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rest stop in Cozumel

This is the courtyard of the motel.
It would have been possible to make the next leg as well, except for the time it took to do the paperwork (almost as long as the flight) which was built into the plan. So after a short taxi ride to the motel, it was time to take in the town.

Some rather large boats dock here.

OK, here I am. Proof that I was actually on this flight, and not making it up like they did with the moon landings.

Scuba diving sculpture

Fellow divers heading out. The man in the street only wanted $20 (after a bit of bargaining) to fill his last seat in the boat. I had just finished a large meal of enchiladas, so a weight belt wasn't needed. The diving was just ok, but to be in Cozumel after a great flight, and looking forward to the next day, I certainly wasn't complaining.

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