Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roatan to La Ceiba, Honduras on Jan 11

The next morning, Jay and I left at dawn for a short dinghy ride in light rain. Thankfully, the only rain of the trip. It was a small cell, and the weather outlook was good. I took a taxi to the airport, and went through another hour of paperwork. Even though Roatan is an international airport, there was no fuel! So that necessitated a short hop to the mainland to La Ceiba, 43nm away, for fuel. I didn't want to fly 500nm without a good plan to land for fuel, and didn't want to pay more landing fees and go through hours of paperwork.

Leaving Roatan, we buzzed Jupiter's Smile, in the middle of the photo. Note the brown colored reef just off the stern.

Arriving in La Ceiba brought out the usual onlookers. They had fuel here.

Honduras is a very mountainous country, and this shot is taken looking directly on the courseline yet to follow.

Circling in lift, climbing up to departure height of 10,000' before crossing the mountains.

There are mountains hiding in those clouds!

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