Sunday, October 5, 2008

Atlantic to the Pacific in the Lambada

March 28, 2008. Departed Melbourne, FL bound for Reno, NV to deliver N109UA to Bob Johnson. With several stops along the way to see customers, the total distance flown was 2450 nm to Half-Moon Bay on the Pacific Ocean to make it a true coast to coast flight!

First stop at Wallaby Ranch
VFR on top over New Orleans at 8,500'

Interesting nose art in Houston on a Strikemaster

On April 1, departed Lubbock at 8:30, flew low level (under 3000'agl) to escape the upper level west winds, to arrive in Farmington, NM at noon. 3.5 hours, 374nm. Ate lunch, and gassed up (last fuel stop was outside of Houston) and departed for Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, and the deserts and valleys of Nevada, landing in Ely, NV at 6pm. 4 hours, 394nm.Total for the day, 778nm, 7.5 hours.

Lake Powell
Bryce Canyon

Mountains of Nevada

A frosty canopy at sunrise in Ely, NV

Half Moon Bay, Pacific Ocean! (We did a touch and go)

We circled the Golden Gate, San Francisco, then back to Carson City, NV.

What a trip!!!

P.S. To top things off, we contacted the Minden wave at 9,000', shut down the engine, and soared to 15,000' over Lake Tahoe. Doesn't get any better than that!

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