Tuesday, October 21, 2008

FIT Airshow

Finally, an airshow in our own backyard! Florida Institute of Technology hosted Aviation Day across the airport from us. We took the new Samba XXL, and our trusty Lambada. Many interested pilots talked with us about our planes, and several will be back to see us and take a ride.
There was a lot of interest in our Lambada Group. This is a new partnership in our 80hp Lambada demo which currently has 200 hours on it. There are 5 positions available for $25,000 each. We will keep it in our hangar, and take care of it for the owners. It has the full bore glass panel.

Urban Air USA planes and tent.

Here is a nice shot of the new Samba. Pretty good looking plane, eh?

We had a nice 2 hour soaring flight today. Climb rates were 300-500fpm and base was 5000'.

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