Sunday, October 19, 2008

Typical day at Urban Air (if there is such a thing)

Joe dropped Jim off at Merritt island to pick up another Lambada which had an instrument upgrade performed by Sebastian Communications. This presented an opportunity for Joe to buzz the end of the runway on his way back to Melbourne. Click on photo to enlarge, and save if you like. This first shot would probably make a pretty good background for your computer!

Typical climb rate after takeoff with 2 people and half fuel. Note the variometer on the lower left indicating over 12 knots (1200fpm) at the normal climb speed of 60 knots. This is also a good look at the PFD page on the Grand Rapids EFIS.

Kathy Lee talks with Georgia Bostik in the Urban Air Command Center.

Upon arrival back in Melbourne, Joe and Jim went back to work. Current "wrench projects" include finishing the lights and ELT installation on the Samba and final prep work on the Lambada before it heads to Costa Rica.

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