Sunday, October 5, 2008

Melbourne to Mexico

I left on June 28,2008 to help proud new owner Jorge Gomez Espana ferry his new Lambada to Chapala, Mexico. The first leg was to Rogers, Arkansas which required some routing around cumulonimbus twice during the day. The Garmin 496 with FM weather was indispensable. Total distance for the day was 850nm. The next day was an easy 470nm run to San Antonio, where Jorge met me for the remainder of the trip.

From San Antonio, we flew to Laredo, TX to file our required VFR flight plan across the border to Nuevo Laredo, a total distance of 10nm. This has to be the shortest flight plan I have ever filed! The Laredo, TX tower controller came down to talk with us for 2 hours about the Lambada. Not an unusual occurrence.

Crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico

Jorge arrives in Nuevo Laredo for 3 hours of paperwork.

There are plenty of big mountains in Mexico.

The news media quickly spotted an unusual plane in Saltillo, Mexico, and had to interview the pilot. Jorge is a natural show-boater.

The short flight from Guadalajara to Lake Chapala brought us into some great engine off ridge soaring. We gave rides to six people, with consistent ridge soaring over town.

Chapala airport, new home of N154UA.

Chapala Flying Club welcomes it's new member

Jorge's hometown of Tapalpa, where he plans to build a new airstrip.

Total mileage, 2000nm.

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